Grand Lido Braco
Rio Bueno P.O.
Trelawny, Jamaica,
West Indies

Fax 1-876-954-0021




Grand Lido Braco is a Super-inclusive resort catering to couples, singles and adult families 16 years old and over. Accommodations include all meals, premium brand drinks, wine with meals, snacks, champagne, land and watersports with instruction and entertainment.  All are included.

On the northern coast of Jamaica in Trelawny, one mile west of Rio Bueno and 32 miles east of Montego Bay, about one hour by car from the Donald Sangster Airport is Grand Lido Braco.  The first SuperClubs' Super- Inclusive "Village" is designed in the style of Jamaican towns, complete with traditional Caribbean architecture, a "town square," art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

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